After the last passage of the canyon Bogutovski Potok we have the short biological report available to a wider audience that describes the flora and fauna of this beautiful location. Thanks to Brana and Predrag Pantelic you can enjoy the photographs and technically different description of untouched nature that leaves no one indifferent.

When approaching the canyon and in the canyon we noticed 2 plant species of interest, 5 speciments of species Dactylorhiza saccifera from the family Orchidaceae, as well as 15 speciments of species Lilium martagon, legally protected species in the family Liliaceae, now often cultivated horticultural species, however, it is relatively rare in nature.

We found only one species of amphibians, Rana Graeca of the family Ranidae, popularly known as the Greek frog that can be found only on the Balkan Peninsula and parts of Turkey. The abundance of this species in the canyon is very large, it has been observed when passing through more than 60 entities as well as a large number of tadpoles.

Moreover, in the canyon are found two specimen types of snakes. 2 entities of Natrix tessellata from the family Colubridae, and one young (probably one year old) male entity of Vipera ammodytes, from the family Viperidae.

Canyon is certainly a very rich site, due to the limited time spent in the canyon this report represents only a rough outline of biodiversity and further research can bring very interesting results.

Text and photo: Brana & Predrag Pantelić