Rules and regulations

ARTICLE 1: Physical condition and experience

Canyoning is suitable for all persons in good physical condition, who do not have a fear of water. It is not necessary for canyoners to be very good swimmers. If you are unsure or you have any questions, you should discuss them with your guide. The guide will take all necessary precautions in order to ensure your complete safety.

ARTICLE 2: High water levels

After strong rainfall, the level of water in the canyon can rise, and as professionals we are under obligation to guarantee your safety. High water levels in the canyon can therefore be a reason for cancelling your trip, i.e. cancelling a visit to a certain canyon.

ARTICLE 3: Age limit

A minimum age limit applies for every activity. For children in canyoning, the most important is their feeling of safety and confidence, and having equipment (diving suits, gear and harnesses) that fits well. We ask you to please contact us at least 24h in advance, so that we may determine the correct sizes for your children and provide you with all the necessary information.

ARTICLE 4: Alcohol and opiates

We ask that you do not consume any alcohol or opiates of any kind before embarking on your trip through a canyon. Due to safety reasons, we reserve the right to deny participation in this activity to all persons who we suspect may be under the influence of alcohol and/or opiates.

ARTICLE 5: Insurance

Canyoning participants are not subject to any kind of insurance by our team. Participants should have travel insurance, insurance against illness, injury and accidents, as well as sports injuries.

ARTICLE 6: Reservations

You may reserve directly through our website’s Booking page or by telephone at +381 11 3392 218. By making your reservation, you agree to the general terms as part of the contract between yourself and the organiser.

ARTICLE 7: The minimum number of participants

In keeping with the regulations on canyons, a minimum number of participants in a group is determined. In the event that this number is smaller, the organiser reserves the right to cancel the activity, in which case the participants are fully refunded.

ARTICLE 8: Terms of payment and cancellation

A deposit to the amount of 50% is paid when making a reservation for a canyoning programme, or any other programme organised by our team, and is non-refundable in case of cancellation of the trip by the participant.
The full amount for the excursion is to be paid by the participant in advance of the trip to the canyon (the full amount 7 days before the trip at the latest). The payment can be made to the contact person with whom you have arranged a certain programme.
Cancellation of the trip by the participant within the agreed deadline of at least 20 days before the start of the trip is subject to a FULL refund of the paid amount.
Cancellation of the trip by the participant after this deadline is NOT subject to a refund of the paid amount, but the participant still has the right to find a replacement.
Cancellation of the trip by the participant, or failure to appear on the day of the start of the trip, is NOT subject to a refund of the paid amount.
In case of illness on the day of the start of the trip, a note from a medical doctor is necessary in order to have a FULL refund of the paid amount.

ARTICLE 8.1: Cancellation before the start of activities

The organiser reserves the right to cancel activities due to climatic conditions, official measurements and assessment, force majeure, safety and other factors which could influence the difficulty, hazard and possibility of travel.

ARTICLE 8.2: Termination of activities by the participant

In the event that a participant terminates or leaves an activity before its completion, the organiser is under no obligation to refund the expenses incurred by the participant, and the participant is liable for all further expenses arising out of the participant’s abandonment of the activity.

ARTICLE 9: Terms of participation and obligations of the participants

Good health is necessary in order to enjoy and participate in all experiences during canyoning. Each participant is under obligation to let the organiser know of any health issues. Under no circumstances should a person participate in this activity under the influence of medication, alcohol, or any other substance which hinders the physical and psychological ability of the person to take part in canyoning. All participants agree not to take into the canyon any equipment which is potentially dangerous and endangers the safety of the individual and the group in the canyon. The natural flora and fauna of the canyon and of any other habitat visited with our team must remain intact, and cannot be disturbed in any way. The participant is under obligation to fulfil the terms set by the organiser and to follow all instructions and advice of the organiser and guide. Not respecting these rules may result in the organiser excluding the participant from further activities. In the event that the participant is excluded by the organiser, the provisions from Article 8 of the Rules shall apply.

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