The passage through the canyon is incredible adventure that anyone who wants the best of life and knows how to enjoy the beauty of nature should experience. Everything in our everyday lives is insignificant and ridiculous comparing to the wonders of nature.
Canyon Nevidio remains forever engraved in your soul and heart because it mesmerizes you on the very first step inside it!
Extreme Canyoning Team, a group of specially trained people specialized in the field of mountaineering and extreme sports, takes you in this unique adventure.

About Canyon Nevidio

The name of this canyon has a literal meaning which is something that can not be seen with the naked eye. And really when you approach it and enter into it, it becomes clear why it got such name!
This gorgeous canyon is about 4 km in length, water course downstream is large with a large number of waterfalls, whirlpools and rapids, and it takes several hours to walkthrough the entire canyon, depending on how big the group is and what are the abilities of those who conquer it. Canyon cliffs reach a height of about 450 meters, width in some places reaches only half a meter, while the maximum width of the canyon is 500 meters. Because of its vertical wall bigger part of the canyon is in perpetual shade, and because of the extreme conditions it is said that this canyon is a jewel of nature that is carved with the help of rocks and water thus created the perfect sculptures that are all around you as you move and swim through Nevidio. In the village Poscenje, at the entrance to the canyon, there are two glacial lakes and waterfall Skakavica that from a height of about 70 meters wastes the water of river Grabovica and flows into the river Komarnica. This is another great sight that is worth seeing when you’re already there.


Canyon Nevidio is located in the central part of Montenegro near Savnik. It is 55 km from Niksic, or 31 kilometers from Zabljak.

Adventure includes:

– Professional guides with the main emphasis on the safety and security of all participants.
– Complete necessary security and safety equipment for all participants (individual and group).
– Two nights bed and breakfast and one dinner at the ethno village “NEVIDIO”.
– Extreme Canyoning T-shirt.
– Photo and video materials.
– Tax fee for National Park.
– Tourist tax fee for passing the canyon.

Arangement does not include transportation and additional food during the stay!
P.S. For transport there is the possibility of internal divisions between other participants.


Applications only sent by e-mail:
The sooner you reserve a place that’s better because the number is very limited.

Extreme Canyoning Team

Extreme Canyoning is a group of specially trained people specialized in the field of mountaineering and extreme sports who have decided to extend this type of activity to a wide range of people.

Rules and regulations

Read about rules and regulations here.

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