​River Tribuca springs on the mountain Bobija, and flows into the river Tresnjica, which represents the nature reserve and habitat of the griffon vulture. It further flows into the Drina river near Ljubovija. Canyon of this river is located in the lower part of its course, just before the confluence, and consists of several main waterfalls under which are water pools that local residents call “Vesa’s whirlpools”. This canyon is excellent for beginners and amateurs who want to practise various rope techniques and test equipment for vertical conditions, but only in periods of low water levels. During periods of “strong waters” it is recommended only for most experienced people in the canyon activities.

Canyon Tribuca is a jewel of nature with extraordinary beauty characterized by diversity in rocks, smooth walls, narrow gaps and jungle-like surroundings. The very beginning of the canyon is a sudden transition like a cave where the water usually sprays in streams. First vertical is divided into two parts, while others are mainly in the slope or gentle curve at the bottom of the canyon.

During our passing of this canyon dark clouds took turns in the sky and it was a question of time when the small drizzle will turn into a downpour. We entered the canyon without any rush, enjoying and relaxing at all times, while the water level was quite satisfying. After a while the rain began to fall harder and just before one of the largest and most beautiful vertical in the canyon we decided to evacuate through beech forest and enjoy the beauties of this canyon in some of the future actions.​

Photo by: Milan Jovanović