Lack of time and an ordinary private life may be the biggest obstacle to members of the Extreme Canyoning team out of all the tours and activities that they individually have. Extreme Canyoning team mainly leads the commercial groups on canyoning tours, photographic tours or groups of friends. In such situations there is not always a lot of time for personal and individual enjoyment. After a couple of years, just for the above reasons, this visit to the canyon was very personal and the two faithful canyoning partners and founders of Extreme Canyoning team, Predrag Vuckovic and Milos Radevic, visited the canyon Nevidio from pure enjoyment and personal satisfaction.
Canyon “NEVIDIO” is chosen because many years ago after the passage of that same canyon they founded the “EXTREME CANYONING”!
Alone in the canyon… they realized that it was just perfect and priceless and that this experience will certainly be repeated again!!!

Photo by: Predrag Vučković