Vladimir Vilimonović

Vladimir Vilimonovic

Vladimir Vilimonović was born on January 19, 1994 in Novi Pazar, and lives in Kopaonik. It all started at the amateur level and as a hobby, while later it turned into a serious practice of extreme sports and photography. His focus in dealing with extreme activities is canyoning, paragliding and skiing, where he also obtained official instructor licenses. He has been a member of the Extreme Canyoning team since 2018 with an international ICO PRO license, where he leads organized groups to some of the incredible canyons in Serbia and Montenegro. He also holds a paraglider pilot’s license issued by DCV, where he actively invests time in safety training, flying and traveling. Also, he has a license for a ski instructor issued by the SASI association for working with children and adults.

Since 2019, he has been an active member of the Mountain Rescue Service, so he works as a rescuer during the winter season in the Kopaonik ski center, which includes providing first aid and caring for injured skiers. He came to photography through studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts, while today he is mainly involved in photographing extreme outdoor sports, and all the skills he has acquired allow him to go one step further when it comes to photography.

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