Miloš Radević

Milos Radevic

Miloš Radević, one of the founders of Extreme Canyoning, was born on May 29, 1981. in Kraljevo, where he still lives today. He is a lover of nature, wilderness, inaccessible and untouched areas. He has been a member of the Mountain Rescue Service (Gorska Služba Spasavanja) since 2003, so he participated in saving many human lives in difficult-to-access areas.

He trained and educated generations of new members of the Mountain Rescue Service and alpinists, as well as Extreme Canyoning. He has climbed most of the surrounding peaks in summer and winter conditions. He was a participant in expeditions to Ararat, the Alps, the Caucasus and climbed the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, and Grand Paradiso peaks.

He rides also touring skis and in this way, in harsh winter conditions, he covers long distances on snow-covered terrain. In this way, he located endangered wild horses on Stolovi Mountain during the severe winter of 2012 and participated in the organization of helicopter locating and food delivery.

He advocates for the preservation of nature and clean electricity from renewable energy sources. As a graduate engineer, he is engaged in the production of solar and hydropower.

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