Branislav Ćurčin

Branislav Ćurčin

Born and raised in Belgrade. From mountain sports, he has been engaged in mountaineering, sport climbing, alpinism, speleology, and in canyoning, which he claims is his greatest passion of all the aforementioned sports, continuously from 2009 until today.

In his long career, he visited many European canyons, starting from Scotland, through the Alpine countries, all the way to the Balkan Peninsula. Since 2018, he has had professional ICOpro licenses. He has been a rescuer of the Mountain Rescue Service since 2011, in which he has been instructing and training young rescuers since 2013. When not in the canyons with the Extreme Canyoning team, Bane is employed as a Paramedic, working in America, Asia and across Africa.

Branislav is a person who absolutely enjoys everything he does and is dedicated to the extent that it is not difficult for him to be in Belgrade today, and tomorrow in Africa or on another continent where he will do some good work and help people in need. A smile is always present on his face, and his passion for life and all its segments is immeasurable!

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