In the best possible way we used bright and sunny November day and closed the season of canyoning for the second consecutive year with the pass through the canyon Dubrasnica. Access to the village Ruzici was quick and easy, and there was, as usual, one of the kindest host Mitar Nenadovic waiting for us. A warm November day made us all to sweat very much after accessing a mile long light trail to the watercourses of Dubrasnica. Although it was a period of drought, and the track to number of sunny days in a row has been long lost, Dubrasnica had water just enough for us to enjoy to the maximum, but at the same time much more than we expected. Among the mix of autumn colors, a lot of fallen leaves all around and relaxed thoughts, we were surprised and awaken by the freshness of water into which we stepped. After the first curious swimming in the canyon of 1,100 meters long, we often avoid cold water for bathing and tremors as a result. For better security of future transits through this canyon we deliberately brought down two stuck and pretty rotten trees that were barely standing between the two banks and two rocks, so they do not accidentally hurt someone. The leaves that covered the whole area around the river so only the current water flow could be seen, also swam as per military command in the column following the water flow. However, one place had accumulated so many leaves in the water it looked like a quicksand which we, of course, used for making some good images. The most beautiful place in the canyon and highest waterfall fascinates us every time by its beauty. Although, because of the low water level, this time it didn’t revealed its destructive power and waken the adrenaline effect in us, it still remained wonderful. Water overflowed all around, through and out of the walls, so at this location we spent the most of our time and keep enjoying in the moment which we found ourselves in. After several beautiful cascades the end of the canyon was near and the rest of the old, destroyed mill. The mill stone as the most memorable and the most lasting proof as well as few disolved planks near the confluence od Dubrasnica and Tresnjica, gave us the ability and imagination in our minds to devise and construct the place like it used to really be and where everything was located. This impressive, peaceful and tranquil place is also the end of the canyon and starting point for evacuation. Along the packed trail close to 3 kilometers in length, with small amount of daylight, enjoying the twilight and summarizing the impressions at the end of the day, slowly we’re back to where we started.

Photo by: Predrag Vučković