One of the biggest world-renowned company that is active in the field of health, fitness and organic food since 1942 in its online issue of Women’s Health magazine posted one of our picture from the canyon in their article The list of interesting activities for every American adventurer.

The company Rodale Inc. with all of its brands make independent and happy company that publishes many well-known titles such as Prevention, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Runner’s World, Running Times, Bicycling, and Rodale’s Organic Life. They are one of the largest independent publishing company in America and it is very influential when it comes to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
The company’s headquarters are located in Pennsylvania and New York and it reaches as many as 100 million people worldwide across all publications that include books, magazines, web sites, videos, etc. The total count is around 100 editions in 67 countries on the planet.

About the influence that large websites, such as the Women’s Health, have on smaller ones also speaks the copyrighted repost of the same article of the list of interesting activities for every American adventurer with our photo on the website of Bicycling.