American company Pelican Rope, which over 40 years cherishes tradition as one of the most reliable manufacturer of specialized ropes and safety equipment for working at heights, used one of our photos from the canyon Perin potok in their advertising campaign. Their ropes have long been used by all institutions and organizations that have a need for safety equipment, and therefore our pleasure is even greater when good photos promote a quality brand whose slogan is: Dependability is our hallmark; exceptional value our everyday standard.

Suva rijeka, also known as Perin potok, is located on holy mountain Rumija, on Montenegrin coast, right between Skadar lake on northeast and Adriatic sea and field of Bar on southwest. It flows into the river Rikavac, which is a little further flows into the sea. Orientation of the canyon is south-west. Evidence to that is the sun that shines directly in front of us when coming out of the canyon in the afternoon and that can be pleasant in the colder period. Almost parallel to this canyon there are also canyons Rikavac and Vruća rijeka. If you compare their locations aligned from left to right, looking from Bar, and also the graduation in size and impression, first on the left is Rikavac, then in the middle is Suva rijeka and ultimately the greatest impression of all canyons in Rumija – canyon Vruća rijeka standing far right on Lisinj.

These canyons are sepparated by one hill between each of them and are easily recognizable from the city of Bar and its surroundings, but also in the typical photographs of Rumija. There is a very beautiful and old shepherd’s path that moves from Old Bar and intersects all three canyons and ends in the Grand Mikulići. Unfortunately, this trail is not marked on most of the maps that are located in the Old Bar. The characteristics of the terrain on Rumija are low thorny bushes and sharp moans and rocks, so any movement off the track, meadows and olive trees is almost impossible, even for many animals.