Canyon Dubrasnica is located on the mountain Povlen or Fat Hill just a few hours drive from Belgrade. The canyon can be reached quite easily by keeping up with the main road Valjevo – Bajina Basta and after Pasne Ravni and Tisova Glava turning towards the village of Ruzici and over gravel road, following the ridge, after 5 km arriving in the village where you can leave your car. Shortly after the turn flow of Dubrasnica is easily visible. It is located quite below and to the left in relation to the gravel road carved in the form of a deep gorge. Canyon part of Dubrasnica is in its lower part. Dubrasnica flows into Tresnjica that still flows into the Drina and represents a separate canyon.
Right after arriving into Ruzici, on the cross section of gravel roads and village cemetery, we are welcomed by one of the most hospitable hosts Mitar Nenadovic. Since the rain was heavily pouring, after quick change of clothes we started our circular route of 4-5 hours which included approach and passing the canyon, as well as the return to starting point via surrounding path. Right after the cemetery the gravel path continues over the right edge of the gorge at high altitude at first and shortly after it becomes strong foot printed road. At this point we made several stops to pick wild cornel and blackberries, and also rare houses and hills are visible. After more than one mile further walk over the edge of the gorge is not possible any more so we must descend towards the river flow which also marks the starting point of our canyoning adventure and the purpose of our visit. Canyon Dubrasnica does not stand out with spectacularity of huge rocks nor sculptured walls, but rather with beautiful rocky bed. At many points water is equally flowing over the slippery rocks so the bottom is nicely visible with yellowish sediment. Lack of cliffs is replaced with real jungle forest, vegetation and fallen trees. There are many smaller jumps and cascades in the canyon without verticals and waterfalls and that makes this canyon perfect for large groups and beginners.
We enjoyed in it relaxing and without much swimming, distant uphill walking and exhausting manipulation with rope and technical gear. Cascades and small waterfalls continue to appear along the narrow gaps overgrown with moss which makes the scene very pleasant to the eyes. We often let ourselves to the swollen water which rode us like on the toboggan. Right at the end of the canyon is the most beautiful part which Dubrasnica kept for us. It is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the region with more than 30 meters of height accompanied by several smaller waterfalls. Together they all make perfect set with water spraying all around. It is hard to describe in words such beauty and it is something worth experiencing. This large and fascinating waterfall at the end compensates the lack of others during the course of the canyon. Soon after this location Tresnjica starts to appear and also the end of Canyon Dubrasnica. At the end of the canyon we found a well preserved mill wheel and foundations of an old mill. There is a road on the right side leading to this place which served us as leading guide through the woods during our exit from the canyon. The steep path slowly led us uphill so the canyon Tresnjica was at our left side. This area is very wild and it is no surprise why the Griffon vulture settled here. At dusk we had more feast for the eyes with impressive rocks from the canyon Tresnjica during our summarize of impressions from canyon Dubrasnica. We can’t wait to come here again!​

Text: Miloš Radević/
Photo: Predrag Vučković/