Canyoning as extreme discipline has great popularity in many European and world countries, and the evidence of that we have in many media nowadays. It is an honor and pleasure to our Extreme Canyoning team to share this report published on 8 pages in the Spanish magazine Oxigeno, that for many years is engaged in extreme and outdoor events.

We are very happy that our canyoning photos are touring the world and promote this great discipline to the wider population and nature lovers. These magazines and these stories are just another proof of that.

In the May issue of Oxygen magazine readers are presented to canyoning as a completely new and different world in which you can escape from the daily routine and stress. Also, the system of values that our team greatly promotes are described in the magazine, related primarily to safety in the canyons.

Our team will continue, within our adventures, to bring to all nature lovers and canyoning discipline more great photos from beautiful locations of our country and the region along with equally interesting texts…