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There is a special kind of joy that we feel when the emotions captured on the photographs of Extreme Canyoning Team are being used in some media campaigns of world renowned brands  that are not directly connected with canyoning nor extreme sports. This time the image from canyon Nevidio, that shows an emotional connection of our team member with the nature, was used on website of Japanese company Onkyo.

Onkyo Co. is Japanese company for electronic equipment specialized in audio devices, home theater systems and HiFi speakers. The word onkyo in translation means "the harmony of sound" which describes their quality as well. Philosophy of the Onkyo's amplifiers and dynamic audio amplification is focused on using the energy and dynamics that are contained in audio signal and to reproduce it without any loss. Within this philosophy the sound of a waterfall and emotion featured in this heading image best describe what Onkyo wants to show to its clients and lovers of high quality sound.

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